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  • 1. What’s the difference between you and a real estate agent?
  • A real estate agent will “list” your property, put a sign in front of your house, and charge an average of 6% of the sale price if your house does sell. There are no guarantees if, when and how much your property will sell for. The average house takes months to sell and often over one year! This uncertainty causes great stress. If the house does sell, you usually don’t know exactly how much money you will receive until the day the property closes and you get your check. Please do not confuse what a real estate agent tells you is the market value of your property with the amount of money you will actually put in your pocket if and when the property sells.
  • As local professional real estate buyers we do not want to “list” your property, we want to buy your property. We can buy your house right away, often in as little as 9 days or less, and we never charge any fees or commissions. When you submit your property information to us we can give you an offer in as little as 24 hours. CLICK HERE to tell us about your property, or call our Regular Business line at 630-466-1535.


    • 2. How does the process work?

    It’s simple. You fill out a single confidential form giving us some basic information about your property or call us… We can quickly determine if your house meets our requirements and if so, we will contact you to make an appointment for us to get together.

    We will make you an offer that either works for you and us, or we’ll share ideas and advice on what else you might try. You don’t have to sell to us and we don’t have to buy from you unless it works for everyone. CLICK HERE for our Fast Offer form, or call our FREE 24 hour information line at 630-466-1535.


    • 3. How do you determine the amount you will offer?

    Every home owner’s situation is unique. Our offer to you will be based on many factors including market studies, recent sales, condition of the house, amount of equity, and whether or not you need to be cashed out right away or if a creative solution can be achieved.

    We are dedicated to quickly making you an offer that will be “Win, Win” for us all and we are committed to providing you the fastest possible, stress-free sale. CLICK HERE to get started now, or call our Regular Business line at 630-466-1535.


    • 4. Is there any cost, risk, or obligation?

    Absolutely not! There are never any fees or any obligation for you to accept our offer or for us to buy your property. The information you give us will be held TOTALLY CONFIDENTIAL and will never be given or sold to any other parties for any reason whatsoever. We will use your information to help us work out a fair price to offer you; and for no other purpose. CLICK HERE for quick results; call our Regular Business line at 630-466-1535. Horizon HB, Inc.



    • 5. How do I know my property meets your requirements?

    It may or may not. A lot of it depends on you. If you want to get above market price for your house, don’t bother contacting us. We are professionals and we do expect to make a profit. But we’re not out to steal your house either. We buy all types of real estate in most all areas and any condition. Contact us and we can quickly determine if your house fits our investment needs. We’ll let you know either way, and you will still have all your options available. You have nothing to lose by calling us to see if we can buy your house now. CLICK HERE to get a fast fair offer, or call our Regular Business line at 630-466-1535.


    • 6. Will selling my house help me avoid foreclosure?

    In most cases if you sell your house you will be able to stop the process and will not have the serious negative mark of a foreclosure on your record. Read more about this in our FREE special report Stopping Foreclosure…


    • 7. How do I know you will do what you say?

    Our business is to help you resolve your real estate needs and at the same time buy investment property for our portfolio. We deliver to you exactly what we promise. To read what others have to say about us CLICK HERE.


    • 8. If I have a realtor is that a problem?

    If you have a realtor it is not a problem. But if you have to pay the realtor’s commission, this will lessen the amount of money you receive from us for the house. We buy houses from owners, agents, banks, probate attorneys, and others when we can see a way to benefit the sellers and at the same time fit our investment needs. For fast results CLICK HERE - or feel free to call our Regular Business line at 630-466-1535.